Wicked at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis

Wicked Tickets

Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis

When Dorothy and her friends, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, iconically won over the Wicked Witch in the classic story and 1939 film starring Judy Garland, we only got to experience one side of the tale. And all kids should learn that they shouldn’t jump to conclusions until they’ve heard all sides to any story. This will open young eyes (and older ones too!), as bits of the well-loved story are turned on their heads. We know our eyes widened when it dawned on me how the Tin Man came to lose his heart! This emotional story needs to be seen, and now you can at the Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis in Minneapolis!

If you happen to be a Minneapolis theatre lover – we’ve got some good news for you|get ready|you’re at the right place}! The enchanting and internationally heralded musical Wicked will make a stop in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to take the patrons on a premier adventure in the world of witchcraft. The exhilarating performance will take place on Friday 26th August 2022, and the hosts from Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis will ensure each ticket holder feels right at home from finish to start. With its sumptuous and rich pack of perks the theatre doesn’t leave much to be desired – spacious yet cozy rooms, comfy seats, carefully designed light and sound engineering, authentic interior and mesmerizing stage visuals to boot… Prepare to get your mind blown away and secure your ticket today!

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