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It's her first tour in six years! WANDA SYKES, one of the nation's most loved stand-up comics is making her big stage comeback. The iconic queen known for her political humor and honest thoughts surrounding current events and social issues is jet-set to kick off her newest "Please & Thank You" comedy tour this year. Part of the extensive trek is a special stop at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis on Saturday, November 16. Though she hasn't toured since the Covid-19 pandemic, she took the time to hone her craft for her blockbuster Netflix special "I'm an Entertainer". Nominated for two Emmys, Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Critics Choice Awards, she sure is a queen in the industry. Her work on the special focused on issues and hot topics during the pandemic. Now, she's set to take her hot takes and relevant conversations about real-world issues and topics at her newest tour. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

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WANDA SYKES is back on the road! She's one of the nation's beloved stand-up comedians known for her hilarious work surrounding political commentaries, current events, and social issues. Now, her hot takes and relevant conversations are making their way back to the stage, on her first tour in six years. Via an exclusive report by Variety, Sykes hasn't toured since the Covid-19 pandemic began. During that time, she honed her material through various appearances in clubs, and later on marked her reign with her acclaimed Netflix special "I'm an Entertainer".

Her latest special became an instant hit. It was nominated for Emmy Awards for best variety, music or comedy special and best writing for a variety, music or comedy special. Moreover, she scored nominations at the Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Critics Choice Awards. The entertainer focused on hot topics during the pandemic such as the Jan. 6 insurrection, the Black American community, trans rights, and many more in the mix. It sure did strike close to home.

A reigning queen in the industry, her comeback PLEASE & THANK YOU TOUR is a welcome surprise. Known for shedding light onto important and relevant conversations surrounding violence, LGBT rights, and racism, her power of integrating comedy into these real-world issues is remarkable. The Hollywood Reporter describes her method of raising awareness through comedy as something "more relatable".

It's comedy fun, but it sure is serious business. Skykes herself recognizes that her role in comedy isn't all glitter and gold. She's built an audiences that look forward to her hot takes and serious opinions with a dose of comedy gold. In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, she shares that she's "pretty much established an audience who expect me to say something." She is a funny queen, but her work definitely recognizes and speaks up about real-world issues that affect real people. "It is pretty challenging to do that and to make it funny and not so polarizing," she explained.

Recognizing how these current events and issues affect her, she takes every opportunity to inject her comedy-gold antics in the mix. At a Wanda Sykes show, not only do you laugh out loud, but also take home a couple lessons to live by.

Kicking off the PLEASE & THANK YOU TOUR, ""I’m so excited about it. This is the first time that I’m doing a real tour", Sykes said. Book your tickets now!

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