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Orpheum Theatre | Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Lion King

Marvel at the impressive strutting giraffes, gliding birds, and leaping gazelles that envelop this Circle of Life! Extending its North American Tour, The Lion King Musical graces a live presentation at the Orpheum Theatre on Wednesday 24th April 2024! Showcasing a immense ensemble of world-class performers, the superb costume design, vivid carved masks, and complex make-up design will transport you to the scenery and panoramas of the African savannah! Arriving this upcoming spring, revisit the heartwarming and touching tale of Simba and his journey toward embracing his predetermined role as the powerful King of the Pridelands. Take hold of this chance to finally witness the theatrical masterpiece that has garnered six Tony Awards, including Best Musical and Best Costume Design, alongside above 70 major art awards over the decades! Catch this spectacle at the splendid stage in Minneapolis, Minnesota you and your companions can delight in an untamed visual venture. Don't wait—reserve your admission nowadays!

Brace yourselves, the halls and stages of the Orpheum Theatre will rumble and roar with king-sized entertainment. On Wednesday 24th April 2024, audiences from all over Minneapolis, Minnesota will gather around Pride Rock to witness and enjoy the sweeping saga of "The Lion King". This musical theatre adaption of the Disney hit animated film has merited rave reviews, with the New York Times describing it as “irresistible, refreshing, sophisticated, nothing else like it.” The Lion King has taken its lion's share in gross tickets sales of more than $1 billion, making it the highest-grossing Broadway production of all time. This mesmerizing musical treat is an experience of a lifetime that you would want your entire tribe to enjoy. Hurry, get your tickets now!

The Lion King at Orpheum Theatre

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