The Band's Visit at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis

The Band's Visit Tickets

Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Watch The Band’s Visit as they perform at the Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis on 10th till 15th December 2019, 7.30 pm to learn more about the magical exchanges despite boundaries. Be enchanted!

The Band's Visit at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis

THE BAND’S VISIT explores the shared dreams, desires, hopes, and frustrations we all have that transcend ethnic, cultural, and geographical boundaries.

Lyricist and composer, David Yazbek, mentioned in an interview, “The difference between writing songs for The Band’s Visit and for most of the other musicals I’ve
done is that these songs feel very personal. The story attracted me from the beginning because it’s about the underlying ocean that connects everybody and everything. To me, the most potent metaphor for that is music. I think the most exciting piece of working on this show was working with these world-class musicians in this idiom of Arabic music. It’s thrilling to have the real musicians on stage, every night, live. Not everything they’re playing is written: there are solos, there is improvisation. It makes the show a living thing. We knew that this show had a very special tone to it; a tone, unlike any show that we’d worked on or seen before. It made for a beautiful experience.”

The show commences as Tewfiq and the Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra are waiting for their ride to the cultural concert in Petah Tikvah, Israel. Realizing there is no ride coming, Tewfiq reminds the band that they are under close scrutiny and sends Haled to purchase bus tickets. In the midst of his attempts to flirt with the ticket girl using his limited English, Haled confuses the destinations of “Petah Tikvah” and “Bet Hatikva,” buying tickets for the wrong destination. They ended up in Dina's 'slow and quiet' town.

And, this is how it all begins…

Their lives intertwined in the most unimaginable ways and are forever changed thanks to the confusion.

Purchase your tickets now to see for yourself the beauty of The Band's Visit.

The Band's Visit at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis

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