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With overwhelming demand, SEGA just announced extended tour dates for the Sonic Symphony World Tour. In celebration of 30 years of blessing our childhood eardrums as Sonic comes dashing through, they're bringing its 8 and 16-bit EDM bangers to the live stage. Catch a full symphony orchestra performing live renditions of iconic gameplay and film tunes at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis at Sonic Symphony Live on Saturday, June 22. It's definitely a whole new sonic experience. Taking audiences on an immersive musical journey starring your favorite hedgehog alongside state-of-the-art visual productions, it's a feast for the senses. It's more than just a blast from the past. It's a Sonic experience like never before. You're even up to relive memorable moments with some real gameplay footage on the big screen. After its first leg of shows, fans have craved for more. Due to popular demand, SEGA is extending its symphony parties, all for Sonic the Hedgehog. Book your tickets now!

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Three decades of 8-bit, 16-bit, and EDM notes gracing gameplay and film, the world's most famous hedgehog is coming to the big screen. Nope, it's not a movie... it's a Sonic Symphony featuring a live orchestra playing iconic renditions of the game's tunes and new sonic surprises. In celebration of 30 years of Sonic, SEGA is presenting its newest live stage show - the Sonic Symphony World Tour. Audiences will be immersed in a sonic experience like no other. As the ensemble gracefully pulls its strings, you're in for a treat! A backdrop of exciting and memorable gameplay moments will be projected on the big screen.

It sure does sound like the perfect childhood dream. These days, healing your inner child has been a hot take, and SEGA's celebratory tour is definitely sending us to tears. Straight out of your Gameboy memories, it's a full-on Sonic orchestra! Moreover, new generations of Sonic fans are also bound to enjoy a majestic show with their favorite dashing Hedgehog.

"Sonic Symphony is an immersive live experience that celebrates more than three decades of music from SEGA’s iconic mascot," shared its website. "From the classic 8-bit and 16-bit tunes to rock bands and EDM, this concert will take you on a musical journey through the colorful world of Sonic the Hedgehog."

A blast from the past, it's a unique way to celebrate endless memories of the iconic game. After three decades of entertaining and keeping kids, teens, and child-at-hearts pumped up, we couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate this grand milestone.

"Relive your favorite Sonic moments, brought to life by a full symphony orchestra," Sega added. "Sonic Symphony will be an electrifying tribute to the music that has defined generations of gamers, old and new."

An electrifying tribute. Blessing our ears with quirky tunes in the 8-bit, 16-bit, and EDM world, SEGA's symphony is a unique experience that everyone, no matter what age, will surely cherish. With trademark soundtracks in every game including rock, funk, rap, and jazzy loops, Sonic's history is full of earworms. Our favorites include "Live and Learn" and "Escape from the City" off of Sonic Adventure 2. Celebrating its impact through the power of music, we're all in!

Presented by MGP Live and co-produced by SEGA, Soundtrec, and SOHO Live, it's a feast for the senses, taking everyone by surprise. They just announced extended dates due to overwhelming demand for the beloved hedgehog. "Each piece will be played live by a symphony orchestra and rock band and serve as a tribute to the music of Sonic that has defined generations of fans from the franchise’s origins until today," Sega shared in its press release.

As its pixels continue to grow, Sonic's legacy is here to stay. Having been part of children's lives one way or another, it's definitely something worth celebrating. 30 years of Sonic, live at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis on June 22. Book your tickets now!

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