Pretty Woman – The Musical at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis

Pretty Woman - The Musical Tickets

Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis | Minneapolis, Minnesota

We have something exciting to announce you heard it here first Pretty Woman – The Musical is on the stage again for winter, 2022 and were all excited! and more exciting is that fact that Pretty Woman – The Musical will be at the unrivalled place for delicious musicals, thats right the excellent and iconic Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota, this February! Isn't that BRILLIANT news!? Thursday 24th February 2022 is going to be a night to remember, you will be screaming ENCORE, ENCORE! You cant put a price on an experience like this! Why are you hanging around? Click the buy link to gain access now!

Pretty Woman - The Musical at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis

Seeing a wonderful musical is the favorite way to relax after a long day, week…or even year! Especially when its a legendary one like Pretty Woman – The Musical. This winter your favourite musical is back! On a huge tour of the US for 2022! It's the one everyone has been talking about, you'll be singing the hits well after curtain call, after having left a lasting impression you'll be keen for more! Held at the smashing Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis, Minnesota, the most well known venue in Minneapolis, known for its large capacity, smashing parking facilities, vast amenities and not forgetting it's perfect location in the centre of town! Book Thursday 24th February 2022 in your diary, this is sure to be a memory making experience, you'll be telling everybody who will listen for weeks after, how breathtaking Pretty Woman – The Musical was! Tickets are known to sell out on every tour and this is expected to be now different! Click 'get tickets' to grab yours now!

Pretty Woman - The Musical at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis

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