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Nutcracker! Magical Christmas Ballet

Orpheum Theatre

Reported to be the most loved and most sought after of all the ballet performance on the circuits, the magical Christmas performance of the Nutcracker and the Sugar Plum Fairy, cannot be rivaled. Nutcracker! Magical Christmas Ballet comes to Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023. Tchaokovsky first penned the performance in 1892, after reading about the short story, with a similar name, published in 1816. His production was not favorably received, by the theater public at the time. Today, his adapted and updated performances of the Nutcracker, in ballet form, is freely admitted as, single-handedly, contributing enormously to the bottom line of nearly all the American major ballet companies. The revenue created over the relatively short Christmas season of the Nutcracker, is known to contribute as much as 40 % of the annual revenue, of all the ballet companies put together. The same cannot be said of any other theater production or movie, although some musicals have generated some impressive takings.

The story of the Nutcracker is reminiscent of the greatest of fairy stories. If Hans Christian Anderson were alive today, he would be envious of the popularity created by this story.

The performance opens, showing friends and family gathered in the family room on Christmas Eve. The adults and the children are all decorating the Christmas tree. Soon after, the children are given their Christmas present. At the stroke of eight, the room is brought to a hush, as a mysterious old man enters the room. His name is Drosselmeyer, an important town councilor and is a renowned and talented toy maker. He is also Clara’s godfather.

He has brought gifts for the children, and among the gifts, carved from wood, is a nutcracker. Clara immediately falls I love with it, but as accidents happen, her younger brother breaks the nutcracker. Drosselmayer assures Clara that he can easily repair the damaged nutcracker. However, it is late, and it is time the children went up to bed.

As the evening turns close to midnight, and everyone is fast asleep, Clara, who cannot sleep, creeps downstairs to check on her nutcracker. As the clock strikes midnight, Clara watches as the nutcracker seems to grow to the full height of a man. He is also the leader of an army of gingerbread soldiers. It is not lone before Clara sees the room filling with hundreds and hundreds of mice, and what looks like an evil Mouse King, as their leader.

Clara, almost immediately, finds herself in the middle of a great battle, between the nutcracker with his gingerbread soldiers, against the Mouse King and his mice. During the battle, the Nutcracker is injured, and the Mouse King looks like he is advancing to slay the Nutcracker. Clara, without any thought, throws one of her sippers at the evil king. The slipper momentarily distracts the evil king, giving the nutcracker time to stab and kill the mouse king. The battle is over, and all the mice race to retreat and flee.

Clara turns to see a handsome Prince, where once stood the Nutcracker. He leads Clara out through a pine forest and into his own beautiful land. Clara is introduced to the Sugar Plum Fairy. The Prince recounts Clara’s bravery in the battle, and all the land is called to celebrate with him. The celebration brings together all sorts of sweet from all over the world. As the evening draws to an end, The Sugar Plum Fairy lead both the Prince and Clara down through the garden, she kisses each good night and goodbye. The Prince and Clara climb into a sleigh and fly away into the night.

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