Nick Offerman [CANCELLED] at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis

Nick Offerman [CANCELLED] Tickets

Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis | Minneapolis, Minnesota

EVENT CANCELLED. Please contact your ticket point of purchase to claim a refund on your tickets.

Comedians are actually very observant. They take pieces of their lives and culture to weave hilarious stories, but if you look past the expletives and the gimmicks there’s actually a lot of intelligent social commentary happening. Comedians give you a refreshing perspective on a lot of societal issues and frequently force you to think about the way you treat others. A lot can really be learned from what we laugh about. So come and have a laugh, and maybe you’ll be able to take a thing or two from the show!

Nick Offerman [CANCELLED] at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis

When you’re in a stadium or theater, sure, you can have amazing seats. But, you can also be seated in the nosebleed section. At a comedy show almost every seat feels like the front row. The performer is actually life-sized, not just a tiny a projection you watch on a video monitor. So come and experience some amazing live comedy at the breathtaking Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis.

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