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Joe Dirt himself is going to be gracing the stage at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis on Friday, the 6th of September 2024. This is one of the stops of David Spade’s “Catch Me Inside Comedy Tour”, in which he promises all new material within his typical situational comedy. Spade’s been one of the most prominent figures in the stand-up comedy circuit for many years. Of course, he’s combined that with appearances in different movies and TV shows. He’s mostly known for his title role in the movie Joe Dirt and anything that Adam Sandler has done in the last few years.

David Spade is certainly a fan favorite, that’s going to be evident on this Friday night in September. Getting a seat inside the Orpheum Theater on short notice for this event may be a tall task. Click the get tickets button today so that you won’t be in a hurry when the day approaches.

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Spade’s always been known for light-hearted and relatable comedy. That’s true about his stand-up acts and the characters in many TV shows and movies. He’s one of those actors where you kind of feel like he’s playing himself in most roles. That makes for great performances because he’s not faking it! In his comedy shows, he’s become an act that’s a lot more relatable for the middle-aged crowd. It’s been interesting how he’s adapted his act to again relate to what is actually going on in his own life. When you do situational comedy about things that actually happen or could happen to you, it’s more believable, and therefore people buy in. In his earlier shows, there were certainly more references to the struggling actor life. Now, he talks about the star life.

If you and a partner wanted to head to comedy night to see Spade in the 90s you would’ve been at a comedy bar having a beer. Now the evening at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis calls more for a glass of wine while you enjoy the show. That’s how much this show has evolved over the years. If you’re expecting plenty of Joe Dirt bits within the Catch Me Inside show, you may be a bit disappointed. Those who have been David Spade fans for years, though, will still appreciate his delivery. It’s the one thing that he hasn’t changed throughout his career. It’s the voice tone and the confused faces that he makes that get the most laughs when he’s on stage.

Comedy night at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis is always a good idea. It’s a very traditional looking theater that’s perfectly equipped, though, to host modern shows. With a comedy event like this, you can be sure the audio will reach you perfectly from wherever you want to be on that night. Make sure to look for seats toward the middle rows, whether on the bottom or top floors. That’s going to guarantee you’ll get the best view of the stage. Then again, with Spade, you won’t be missing out on elements of the show, even if you’re in a box off to the side. Click the get tickets button to find a comfortable spot to enjoy the show on the 6th of September 2024.

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