Armchair Expert & Dax Shepard at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis

Armchair Expert & Dax Shepard Tickets

Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis | Minneapolis, Minnesota

The theater marquee signs are now brightening up the streets of Minneapolis – all proudly announcing the arrival of Armchair Expert & Dax Shepard this June! On Saturday 29th June 2019 the Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis will be welcoming to it's stage the smash hit Armchair Expert & Dax Shepard. If you are a fan of other hit broadway theatre shows, then Armchair Expert & Dax Shepard will be just for you! Be part of the unforgettable occasion and see what critics have all been raving about. To save the finest seats in the theater, please get your tickets as soon as possible. Saturday evenings are often busy at the Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis.

Armchair Expert & Dax Shepard at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis

Minneapolis always features the greatest stars around and takes note of the up-and-coming stars of the theatre scene. But none of the renowned theatre venues around hold a candle to Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis. This unforgettable destination has witnessed some of the best-hidden stars and established fan favorites around. If you enjoy Armchair Expert & Dax Shepard then you will know that they only perform at the best venues around. This theatre venue is special because unlike the others in Minnesota it features easy-access parking around the corner, a wide plethora of restaurants on the block, and a number of beverages to keep you and your buddies company while you witness the show. So if you want to enjoy the very greatest in quality entertainment, you can't go wrong by coming to Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis to see Armchair Expert & Dax Shepard.

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