Clue – The Musical at Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis

Clue The Musical at Orpheum Theatre MinneapolisIn the middle of the night, in a mysterious mansion, a group of elites gather for a supposed celebration. It was a mundane night, not until screams broke and fear crept into their consciousness. The mansion’s owner was murdered. In the confusion and horror, one question became clear: who committed the crime? Danger lurks among them. As time ticks, they must look for clues to the identity of the murderer before they get to them first. Will they point fingers? Is the crime prompted only by one of them?

This is the premise of the board game Cluedo or Clue. Its main objective is to identify the player assigned as the murderer, where the crime was committed, and what weapon was used to complete the deed. All the players are suspects, with one of them being the murderer. On a board, they must strategically look for clues and deduce who did it. This murder mystery pastime has been a game night favorite since the 1940s. Since it is popular, it has been recreated in many versions and adapted to the screen and on stage. One of these iterations is Clue The Musical. In this adaptation, the story is propelled by an attention-grabbing script, energetic songs, and a choose-your-ending interactive plot. If you love the game, you will love the musical more! Stimulate your investigative sides and have a fun game night as you watch this show. Clue fans in Minneapolis, it’s your time to witness the musical at the Orpheum Theatre this winter.

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“This Paper Mill Playhouse production is a welcome throwback to an era of physical comedy.” — The New York Times

“A comedic delight of a production” — Broadway World

“Like the game, it’s a good indoor amusement with just enough intrigue to keep you on your toes.” — Theatre in Chicago

Clue The Musical Minneapolis

A little background of the musical’s board game roots, Cluedo was made by Anthony E. Pratt. The idea came to him during World War II as he took inspiration from a game played by people in his workplace. Published in 1949, the board game became a massive hit and a pop culture phenomenon.

Decades after the game gained popularity, it became apparent that it deserved a musical adaptation. Years before, there was a film, a game show, and a book inspired by it, so why not a theatrical rendition? Bringing the game to life, Peter DePietro wrote the book. His partner was Tom Chiodo, who wrote the lyrics of the musical. Joining their growing team were Galen Blum, Wayne Barker, and Vinnie Martucci, who composed the music.

The board game intends the players to create the story as the game goes along. To translate this idea to the stage, DiPietro made a storyline for the musical that has multiple paths. This results in 216 possible endings. This means that the whole show is interactive. The audience will choose how the story goes on.

In the first act, Mr Boddy is introduced. He hosts the introduction “The Game” and the characters. He will then look for three volunteers from the audience. He will instruct them to choose cards from three stacks. These stacks include the six suspects, rooms, and weapons. The chosen cards by the audience will be put in an envelope marked with the word “Confidential.” This envelope will only be revealed sometime before the end. Serving as a guide, Mr. Boddy will give rhyme clues and facilitate the flow of the show, encouraging the audience to take part in the decisions.

The story continues with Mr. Boddy interacting with the guests and workers in the mansion. It is then revealed that all of them have some conflict or negative feelings toward Mr. Boddy. They all want revenge. All of them have motives to commit the murder. Playing along with their plans, Mr. Boddy talks with all his guests and staff and tells them they can do what they want to do: murder him. As the guests and staff plot their way of murder, Mr. Boddy’s body is found dead, and the perpetrator is unknown.

The second act begins with the investigator joining the fray. As she sniffs through the suspects and the mansion, they all deny the crime. She then realized that there were six possible weapons: a wrench, a candlestick, a pipe, a knife, a revolver, and a rope. All of these were found in six separate rooms: the lounge, the kitchen, the ballroom, the conservatory, the billiard room, and the study. All of the weapons had fingerprints of the suspects. They all scramble for an alibi. The plot thickens, and the question is raised: who is the killer?

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The musical’s first world premiere was at the New Boston Street Dinner Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland. The production ran from June 1995 up until August of that year. Critics praised it and continued its run in different theatres. The following one was at the Organic Theatre in Chicago. In 1997, the musical transferred Off-Broadway at the Players Theatre. It might have yet to reach Broadway, but it became popular among the community of theatre lovers. It reached many venues after its initial release in the 90s and became a favorite show produced by many theatre productions.

Clue the Musical will reach Orpheum Theatre Minneapolis, this February 27 to March 3. Combine your love for detective mystery stories and musical theater by watching this interactive and unique show. Solve the mystery with your loved ones by booking tickets for yourself and the entire family. This will be a fantastic way to have fun. See you there!