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Anastasia Orpheum Theatre
Come and see Anastasia, Broadway’s brightest new show! Be transported back in time to the roaring 20’s and experience the twilight of the mighty Russian Empire and the heady euphoria of Paris as the young Anastasia, accompanied by her dashing lover and conman, a former aristocrat set out on a journey of mystery into her past. All the while, pursued by a ruthless Soviet officer determined to succeed where his father failed to kill her. This is a performance that explores the big questions, identity, love, loss, family and historical drama! Will Anastasia survive the epic adventure and find home, love, and family. Buy your tickets now to watch Anastasia at the Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis.

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“A monster hit! I loved it even more the second time.” The New York Times

“A SERIOUS HIT! Broadway’s got a bright new star – its name is Anastasia.” – NBC

“ANASTASIA IS THE REAL THING! Fantastical, intelligent, well-crafted, and exhilarating, Anastasia deserves a coronation!” – The Wall Street Journal

“A big, wonderful Broadway musical with plenty of charms to thrill the audience.” – NY1

“★★★★ A sweeping adventure, romance and historical epic that piles discovery upon discovery. Its fine craftsmanship will satisfy musical theater fans.” – Time Out New York

“Anastasia lives again on Broadway! The performances shine!” – The Daily Beast

“An irresistible and sumptuous fairy tale! Director Darko Tresnjak weaves an enchanting spell.” – Variety

“Captivating, beautifully staged and emotionally vital. Anastasia hits the sweet spot!” – The Hollywood Reporter

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Set in 1927 Russia, two con men, the handsome young Dmitry, played by Jake Levy, and an ex-member of the Imperial Court named Vlad Popov, played by Edward Staudenmayer, hold auditions for the greatest con of all they are seeking an Anastasia so that they can con the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna, played by Joy Franz, living in exile in Paris. They discover the girl Anya, played by Lila Coogan, a street sweeper and become fascinated as Anya explains that she doesn’t remember who she is due to her amnesia and has very few memories of her past. Amazed by her memory loss and resemblance to Anastasia, they select Anya as their impostor and begin to groom her through history, dining, and dancing lessons. Dmitry begins to trust her enough to show her a music box that he’s failed to open, unaware it is the memento that was given to Anastasia by the Dowager Empress. Anya easily winds and opens the box and begins to vaguely remember her past, including an imperial ball many years earlier. This causes Anya to be more resolute than ever in her desire to get to Paris and she gives him her most prized possession, a diamond that was found sewn to her dress when she was discovered years ago.

Anya, Vlad, and Dmitry arrive in Paris and are swept up by the sights and sounds of the city, meanwhile a bitter, elderly woman, the Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna reads the letters of various Anastasia impersonators and, heartbroken, gives up hope of ever finding Anastasia again. Vlad is Reunited with Countess Lily Malevsky-Malevitch, played by Tari Kelly, the Dowager Empress’s lady-in-waiting with whom he had an affair. The two rekindle their scandalous romance and Vlad convinces her to let Anya meet the Dowager Empress at the ballet the next week. At the ballet, Vlad suspects that Anya and Dmitry are falling in love and is heartbroken that the two can never be together. During the performance of “Swan Lake”, Anya sees the Dowager Empress and remembers her and The Dowager Empress also sees Anya and recognizes her, but clings to denial. After the ballet, Lily also recognizes Anya as Anastasia and immediately takes her to the Dowager Empress. Dmitry however is anxious about the meeting and realizes that he is in love with Anya, but knows he must let her go to her family. Anya leaves the meeting enraged, having learned from the Dowager Empress that Vlad and Dmitry intended to use her in their scheme for money. Anya suddenly remembers the night that the Dowager Empress left her for Paris. When Anya produces the music box and sings the lullaby, the Dowager Empress finally realizes that Anya really is the long lost Anastasia and the two embrace, now reunited after twenty years.

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Anastasia won 6 Connecticut Critics Circle Awards for Outstanding Production of a Musical, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Musical, Outstanding Director of a Musical, Outstanding Choreography, Outstanding Costume Design and Outstanding Projection Design. In 2017 Anastasia won a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Projection Design, and an Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Projection Design with a total of 38 nominations! The stage production is written by four-time Tony award winner Terrence McNally the musical is loosely based on the 1997 film of the same name and directed by Tony award winning Darko Tresnjak, Anastasia’s music and lyrics written by Tony Award winners Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty keeping six songs from the movie, but there are 16 new numbers. The musical also adds characters not in the film and omits the supernatural elements from the original film, including the character of Rasputin and his musical number, and introduces instead a new villain called Gleb, a general for the Bolsheviks who receives orders to kill Anya. With choreography by the MTV award winning Peggy Hickey and the astonishing scenery created by Alexander Dodge, the costume design by the Tony award winning Linda Cho.

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“While Evan Hansen and Dolly Levi may be reaping more awards, their Shubert Alley neighbor Anastasia— with mettle, smarts, and a tiny music box— has been changing the world night by night and gaining the stalwart followers (”Fanastasias”) she deserves. Anastasia is partly based on the beloved Twentieth Century Fox animated feature, which celebrated its twentieth anniversary on November 14. Unlike that movie, and unlike delicate-damsel stories such as Giselle and Swan Lake, there are no sorcerers or spells in the Broadway version. Without a fairy godmother or the cure-all of a prince’s kiss, Anastasia isn’t your standard fairy-tale princess who is adored for her beauty and virtue. She’s not the object of intrigue, she’s a participant in it. The character Anastasia is part of a real time and place, but that’s not say the musical is some gloomy Russian play. It’s a triumphant celebration of love, courage, and reconciliation, a journey that unfolds with much wonder and joy.”
– Daniel Rafinejad, Huffington Post.

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